UK Pink Gold, Rose Gold And Red Gold, Which One Do You Like Better?

The cold season arrived. Warm color gold watches become hot versions. Compared with traditional 18k gold, gold with warm colors and gloss are more welcome in these years. Most of famous watch brands designed warm gold watches.

The luxury fake Happy Winston Ocean OCEQMP36RR027 watches are made from 18k rose gold.
18K Rose Gold Fake Happy Winston Ocean OCEQMP36RR027 Watches

The 24k gold has very high purity, so it is not suitable for making the cases, bracelets or buckles of the sturdy fake watches. Most watches choose to use 18k gold. Take 18k gold as an example, there is 75% pure gold and the other 25% is metal that determine the colors of the final material, keeping the gold gloss or turning into the other colors. Each brand has its own techniques.

The limited fake Panerai Luminor Due PAM00908 watches are made from red gold.
Red Gold Fake Panerai Luminor Due PAM00908 Watches

The traditional red gold is made up from 75% gold, 4.5% silver and 20.5% bronze. If the proportion of bronze is lower, it will become pink gold. If higher, it will become rose gold. The fine replica watches are cheaper than gold watches. However, they are firm and beautiful.