A 1930s Hermès Travel Timepiece, A 1970s S.T. Dupont Black Lacquer Lighter, And A 1920s Audemars Piguet Jumping Hour Fake Pocket Watch

This week, we are trying something new. We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled broadcast of vintage wristwatches to bring you a special selection of rare finds. You may remember the rare finds section of the HODINKEE Shop from when we launched it back in March. Well, today my friends, we have some really cool and fresh objects for you to shop, including vintage lighters, sterling silver flasks, and unusual travel clocks. Take a closer look.

1970s S.T. Dupont Black Lacquer Lighter


S.T. Dupont is one of the most well-known lighter producers in the world. Based in Paris and founded in 1872, Dupont didn’t start making lighters until after 1914. The example we have here is black clad in black lacquer with gold tipping. It works perfectly and has the familiar clinking sound associated with these lighters. Click here for the full listing.Fake pocket watches for sale onlie.

1920s Audemars Piguet White Gold Jumping Hour Pocket Watch

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Next we have this incredible Audemars Piguet jumping hour luxury fake pocket watch in white gold. Not only is this watch beautiful (and fun!), but we were also able to get our friends at Audemars Piguet to check their archives: They confirmed that this watch was made in 1924 and sold in 1927 to Metric, a New York–based retailer.

1930s Hermès And Movado ‘Ermeto’ 8-Day Travel Desk Timepiece With Alarm

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This 8-day travel desk timepiece with alarm, aka the “Ermeto”, contains a movement made by Movado and was retailed by famed luxury maison Hermès. The sliding case is covered in black crocodile skin and the watch itself features a beautiful silvered dial. You can set the alarm on the hour, half-hour, or quarter-hour making it an ideal travel companion. Click here for the full listing.
But Wait, There’s More!

We have six other rare finds for you to discover, including a 1970s Cartier Santos Lighter, a 1960s Christian Dior silver-plated flask, a 1930s Macassar ebony and silver-plated cigarette box, a 1940s Longines single-button chronograph cheap replica pocket watch, a 1960s Citrine-colored glass bowl, 1970s Dupont and Hermès silver lighter, a 1970s French leather tray, and a 1930s Vacheron Constantin steel pocket watch with a sector dial.